Our Mission

To FIND unchurched people of all backgrounds and IMMERSE them into a TRANSFORMATIVE relationship with Jesus Christ!

Find Your FIT At
CityWide Mosaic 

José and Judy Velazquez, Lead Pastors and Founders

Our family originally moved to Temecula, California in 1999, five months before our first child was born. Four kids later, and a little bit older, we’ve grown to love, respect, and appreciate this valley God has brought us to.

The Temecula Valley has had an explosion in population over the last 20 years.  In that time, it has also become a more diverse & multicultural community.  Among the Christian population, there is a hunger for a move of the Spirit, yet the unchurched have moved further away from God.  Additionally, higher education has struggled to grow at the same pace of the population, leaving a gap and a need for leadership training

CityWide Mosaic Assembly of God is the God-inspired vision to create a multicultural, multigenerational, and multilingual church.  As we journey through life together as a community, our heart’s desire is to search citywide to:  FIND those missing people that don’t quite know where they fit yet, and bring them home; IMMERSE each person into God’s word with solid discipleship so that he/she can know where he/she fits in God’s purposeful plan; and most importantly, watch the Holy Spirit TRANSFORM each life as He sees fit and place it into His beautiful mosaic masterpiece, for His glory.   We are also excited to be able to launch a free community-minded vocational & business leadership school that targets troubled high school students & young adults.  Our desire is to see key influential community leaders, business owners, and those who have excelled in life, despite their circumstances, join us in our endeavors. 

Know that your piece, in the mosaic of God’s Master-plan of Salvation for humanity, matters.  We ask that you prayerfully consider finding out how YOU FIT in the CityWide Mosaic Church Family.  We would love to sit with you to share our heart & vision.  

Join Us . . . Together, Let’s Find Out Where YOU FIT!

For His Glory Alone,
José and Judy Velazquez

Why Citywide Mosaic?

God, being a relentless pursuer of all those He has created, is consciously designing His various people to fit in what He deems as His beautiful Masterpiece! Just like a mosaic is artistically created with pieces of many shapes, sizes, and colors that fit together, the name CityWide Mosaic is the Spirit-led vision to disciple all people. The methodology of being Spiritually FIT to Find | Immerse | Transform becomes the catalyst of fulfilling our specific calling. The essence of our existence is to Disciple Believers completelyGrow Leaders purposefully, and Mentor Others faithfully.


CityWide Mosaic is honored to be a campus of the SoCal Network of the Assemblies of God School of Ministry right here in the valley where students of all ages can be immersed in studying and applying God’s word to self, and ministry in the church, community, and world.  Upon completion of these classes, you may obtain your Minister’s Credentials, License, or Ordination as well as receive credit towards Vanguard University, Costa Mesa.

CityWide Mosaic is actively pursuing creating an awareness of the plight of Human Trafficking and purposefully doing its part in combating this travesty that affects those around us through Project Rescue.  We are also proactive in advancing action steps in helping to support and create legislation regarding the growing epidemic of Drug Induced Homicide.

CityWide Mosaic’s up-coming vision is to be able to launch a free community-minded Vocational & Business Leadership School that targets troubled high school students & young adults. Our desire is to see key influential community leaders, business owners, and those who have excelled in life, despite their circumstances, join us in our endeavors.

Where Do You FIT?

We invite you to join us on this great journey

God Actively, Passionately, and Relentlessly pursues all those He has created. Through His Spirit, He works to Redeem & Restore each one according to their own personal level. Church Planting is just one of many ways He does this, and we are all invited to join in this redemptive work through Faithful and Diligent Prayer, Intentional and Purposeful Giving, and Tangible and Active Participation.

  • Pray – Faithfully & Diligently
  • Give – Intentionally & Purposefully
  • Participate – Tangible & Actively
mo·sa·ic 1) a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces. 
God has designed us each uniquely; but we aren’t meant to do life alone. That’s why at CityWide Mosaic, our vision is to see everyone come together.
The result = a beautiful piece of art. 

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