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Come join us at your new church home in the heart of Temecula!


31217 Pauba Road, Temecula, California 92592

10:30am Adult Worship & Children's Ministries


The Presence of God Transforms Lives!

Come together with the Worship Team & CM Leadership for a time where we can  Know & Experience God more fully by ministering to the Lord through Prayer & Worship. Worship Nights are the consecrated time to FIND the heart of God, IMMERSE ourselves in His presence, and allow the Holy Spirit to TRANSFORM our heart, soul, and mind. See our Events page for dates.

When we give financially to the work of the Kingdom, we are partnering with God to fulfill His will and desire on earth, of which we will be partakers. Thank you for your generosity and stewardship!
Glorious Day. Another fun clip with our friends over at Mosaic. Had a great time with you out there team.
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Had a blast this last weekend and had the privilege to lead worship with some amazing friends and new found family over at citywide.mosaic  such a beautiful move of Gods presence. Thank you pastors Jose and Judy for the amazing hospitality and for what you are doing over at your church. We look forward to so much more of this in the future. #family #friends #citywidemosaic #goodtimes #ispeakjesus
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In a time when the Devil is putting in overtime to cause division — work towards UNITY and LOVE❤️‍🩹
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If you asked me two years ago if this is where I thought my children would be TODAY is a BIBLE STUDY I would say no. Since I gave my life to God and attending church I pray everyday for my children to be surround by other Christ minded and centered people. “Lord I just ask for them to have a passion for you and for them to be surrounded by others that walk like you that lead like you that speak like you that are Christ minded”. Today, I realized my prayers had been answered. I am about to leave my house to pick up my children from Bible study when I feel the urge to stay. Well, I didn’t listen. All I could think about was work and how tired I am and how I need to rest before going in tonight so getting the kids back as soon as possible was the goal. A bad goal I might add. On my way to pick up my children from Bible study, one asked if she could stay and had already found a ride while the other complained of being picked up before everyone else. A parent called me and asked if it was okay if someone else gave “the complaining” child a ride home a little later. Mind you I was suppose to pick up mine and two other children. I was already at the house to pick them up and decided yes that would be fine. On my 40 minute drive home 😂 I was like okay God tell me the lesson because I know there is one. “Remember these moments. The moments you asked me for. The people you asked me to surround them with. These are those moments. Do not rush the time I have with them”. 😭😭😭 welp He is not wrong. I immediately began to cry because i felt so impatient so ungrateful, yet so loved because of how tender He is with me. I serve a God that is so faithful. A God that always shows up. A God that answers yet another prayer. A God that never fails. 
1 John 5:14-15 🙏🏼🤍
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Boys have a lot more physicality to their emotions. 

For that reason we must teach them to turn that energy into a constructive direction. 

Raising boys is more than helping them become academically and athletically successful. 

Come gain some skills to lead the boys in your life to become more emotionally aware & resilient.

Sign up using the link in our bio and bring a friend!
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Signing up for Summer Soak Devos is easy! 
1. Scan the QR code or visit the link in our bio. 
2. Enter your info 
3. Join our Facebook group or our group on the Bible Engagement app 
4. Watch your email to receive your first devo on July 8!

Questions? Ask in the comments!
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Kids Camp 2024!!
Orange Team! 🧡

What a blessing it was to take the kids up to camp this year! Experienced God and did a lot of freestyle dancing 🕺🏻🪩💃🏻🧡🍊🙌🏼
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Join CityWide Mosaic as we celebrate our nation on the Fourth of July! Bring a lawn chair and a potluck item to share and meet us on the roof for the best seat in town for fireworks! 6pm for food and games, 9pm for fireworks

Bring a potluck item according to the first letter of your last name❤️🤍💙
A - I  Salad or Side Dish
J - R  Main Dish
S - Z  Dessert & Drinks
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FIND those missing people that don’t quite know where they fit and bring them home


IMMERSE each person into God’s word with solid discipleship so that they can know where they fit in God’s purposeful plan


Watch the Holy Spirit TRANSFORM each life as He sees fit and place it into His beautiful mosaic masterpiece

Our Mission

To FIND unchurched people of all backgrounds and IMMERSE them into a TRANSFORMATIVE relationship with Jesus Christ!

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